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We provide training for caring

Dem@entoring aims at developing and testing an education and training program for e-mentors to people caring for persons with a dementia disease. An educational and training approach will be applied, addressing health and wellbeing in order to enhance an understanding of the disease and to efficiently cope with the dementia symptoms, raise awareness, and decrease stigmatization. The e-mentoring training program will be implemented in different EU countries.

Project Main Objectives

Why DEM@ENTORING is critical
  1. Knowledge transfer

    Transfer the knowledge, information & experience of people suffering from dementia and their families and caregivers.

  2. Advanced OER training

    Design and create interactive advanced OER training material with gamification elements and based on a learning outcomes design.

  3. Personal mapping

    Help to create the digital personality of target group for optimal matching with e-mentors.

  4. Updated guidelines and resources

    Expert interviews, good practices and collaboration circles will be created for enhancing skills and testing of knowledge acquired.

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Our Latest News and Events

Our Blog
INNOSYSTEMS joint event on Technical Aspects of DEM@ENTORING e-Learning Platform

Want to learn more on the basic features and functionalities of the platform as well as the technical aspects behind the development of the DEM@ENTORING platform?

DEM@ENTORING Learning Event and Mini-Conference

A stimulating and interesting 3 day learning activity where people with dementia, caregivers and stakeholders are involved to share, exchange, network and use / analyse produced project results.

14 May 2021 | INNOSYSTEMS Webinar “Dementia and DEM@ENTORING Project”

As we face an era of global aging, the number of people living with dementia is projected to double by 2040, whilst educational and knowledge transfer initiatives to caregivers is either limited or not easily reachable. Join our webinar entitled “Dementia and DEM@ENTORING Project” to know more about the subject and our project.

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